Navigate through the seas of Midgard, eating ships to grow.  Once you've grown large enough, catch your own tail to win the level.  This demo contains six levels available of increasing difficulty.

Use A/D or Left/Right to turn.

Avoid running into land as it can hurt you.

Eat schools of jumping fish to heal.

Some ships can hurt.

  • Fishing Vessel - Small Triangular Sail - No Damage - No Growth
  • Red and White Sails - Minimal damage - Some Growth
  • Blue and White Sails and Shields  - Higher Damage, More Growth
  • Gold and Black Sails and Shields - Highest Damage, Most Growth

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract it to your hard drive.  Run Jormungandr.exe to start the game.


Jormungandr-03082019.apk 52 MB
Download 44 MB

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