At present, all you can do is explore with your rover.  I plan to put up a new version soon with the game play elements described below but I couldn't complete those elements in the 3 hour limit for TriJam #43.

With your lander damaged and out of fuel, you will need to explore this new world and gather resources to repair your lander,  so you can return to your mother ship and complete your mission.

  • W or Up to move forward
  • A/D or Left/Right to turn

<In Development> Harvest 3 different types of resources to power, refuel, and repair your lander

  • Plant life provides many organic compounds useful in construction and the creation of fuel for your lander
  • Metal deposits provide the raw materials for conducting repairs
  • Nuclear deposits provide a crucial source of power once refined

<In Development> Complete 3 different missions to win the game.

  • Repair your lander's power system so that you don't run out of power.
  • Repair the communications system and re-establish communications with your mother ship
  • Repair and refuel your lander so you can return to the mother ship and complete your mission
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AuthorJasconius Interactive
Made withUnity


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